Who can see my Page's story on Facebook and where does it appear?

Pages are for businesses, organizations and public figures to connect with their customers or fans on Facebook. If you're interested in your personal story, learn more about who sees your personal profile's story and where your personal story appears.
Page stories are public. When you share to your Page's story, it will show up for your Page's followers in the Stories section at the top of News Feed. Followers can click your Page's story to see it. Your story will also appear in the right column of your Page.
Keep in mind:
  • Page admins can't block certain people from seeing their Page's story.
  • You can't share photos or videos directly to friends if you're sharing as your Page.
  • Stories don’t appear in your own personal story, on your timeline or in News Feed unless you decide to post them there.
  • You can't share stories from your personal profile to a Page story.
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