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Additional Facebook profiles are not currently supported in Accounts Center.
You can create up to 4 additional Facebook profiles under your account. These profiles can represent different things about you like your interests or communities you belong to. Each profile will have its own friends list and Feed and each can follow different groups and Pages.
Additional Facebook profiles are different from your main profile, which is the profile you create when you sign up for a Facebook account. Your main profile is required and can only be deleted if you delete your Facebook account.
Log in to additional profiles
You’ll use your existing login information across all of your profiles. When you're logged in to your account, you'll land in your main profile first and can then switch to the profile you want to use. Learn more about the difference between your Facebook account and profiles.
Note: Only Facebook profiles created through your Facebook account are considered additional profiles. If you created a new Facebook account it is separate from your primary account.
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