How do I create tickets on Facebook for my Page's event?

When you create an event for your Page on Facebook, you can also create free or paid tickets. Tickets are created through Eventbrite, which processes purchases and manages payments for your tickets.
When you create tickets on Facebook, an identical event will be created on Eventbrite. Ticket sale payouts, refunds and cancellations must be managed on Eventbrite. You may also receive emails from Eventbrite about your event. Learn more about managing events and tickets in Eventbrite's help center.
Keep in mind that you can't create tickets for recurring events.
To create tickets on Facebook:
  1. Click Events at the top of your Page, then click +Create Event.
  2. Fill in the the required info.
  3. Click [+] next to Create Tickets.
  4. Fill in a name for your tickets (example: General Admission, VIP), the number of tickets available and the price of each ticket. For free tickets, leave the price as $0.
  5. Click Next. You'll be able to add additional ticket types through your Eventbrite account.
  6. If you already have an Eventbrite account, click Use Existing Account. Otherwise, click Create Account.
  7. Follow the prompts to log into or create an Eventbrite account. Eventbrite will ask for permission to allow Events by Facebook to access your Facebook account. Click Allow to continue creating tickets for your event.
  8. Confirm your ticket name, quantity and price, then click Save.
  9. Continue adding details to your event, then click Publish or Save Draft.
The creator of the event can add or remove ticket tiers after publishing the event. Only the original event creator can edit the event.
Track ticket sales
To track ticket orders on Facebook, go to the event and click Ticket Orders at the top of the page. From here you can view:
  • How many tickets have been sold.
  • Net and gross sales.
  • Individual order info such as name of buyer, order number, date of order and number of tickets purchased through Facebook, as well as a count of orders and tickets purchased through Eventbrite.
To track sales made on Eventbrite, manage payout information or issue refunds, go to your event's page on Eventbrite.
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