Buy and sell with confidence on Facebook Marketplace

If your listing on Marketplace wasn't approved, it may have gone against our Commerce Policies. Learn how to appeal a listing that wasn't approved.
Brand Rights Protection is a tool that allows brands to identify and report content that misuses their intellectual property. It provides an interface for brands to identify trademark violations, counterfeit products and copyright infringement across many of our platforms. Learn more about Brand Rights Protection, including how to apply.
Another way we promote confidence for buyers and sellers is to inform people selling for business purposes that the law in certain countries (such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland) requires them to provide information about their identity, including their name, street address, email, registration number and/or VAT number. If you’re not sure if this requirement applies to you, you may wish to seek the advice of a qualified attorney with local expertise.
Keep in mind that Brand Rights Protection allows brands to search for certain types of content including ads, Marketplace listings and more. For other content posted on Facebook, rights owners can protect their intellectual property by reporting infringement through our existing tools.
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