How do I switch Facebook accounts on my computer?

With account switching, you can quickly switch between different Facebook accounts without logging anyone out. This feature is only available on New Facebook on a computer.
Keep in mind that you can't switch between accounts without logging out unless you can see the icon below. The icon will appear if multiple people have logged into their account from one computer in the past.
Switch accounts on a computer without logging anyone out
To switch between accounts:
  1. Go to on a computer.
  2. Click account in the top right of Facebook.
  3. Select Switch Account.
  4. Click the account you want to switch to.
Remove an account you've added
  • You can remove your account by clicking the "X" next to your name after you log out of your account. Please note that you'll need to remove your account each time you log out, otherwise it will appear in the account switcher.
  • Learn how to remove saved login information from your account for added security.
Note: You can store information for up to 10 Facebook accounts, but it's best to only keep the accounts of people who regularly use the computer.
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