How does shipping work on Facebook Marketplace?

Checkout with shipping on Marketplace isn't available in your location right now. Learn how to sell something on Marketplace.
Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when you buy or sell shipped items on Marketplace.
Tips for Sellers
  • Make sure that your item follows our Commerce Policies before listing anything for sale.
  • Never ship an item before you receive full payment.
  • Clearly communicate the shipping timeline, carrier (example: FedEx), delivery status and tracking information to your buyer.
  • Consider using a payment option that provides purchase protection, and check their terms of use to see if your transaction is covered.
Tips for Buyers
  • Get to know the person you're buying from by visiting their Marketplace profile.
  • To make sure you fully understand the condition of the item you're buying, message the seller to ask for more images and information if needed.
  • Research the cost of the item for sale. If it seems the seller is offering the item for too little money, there's most likely a good reason.
  • Message the seller about your payment preferences and suggest a payment provider that offers purchase protection. Check their terms of use to see if your transaction is covered.
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