Why is my Facebook Payments account disabled?

Note: To request a review of your Facebook ads account, visit the Facebook Business Help Centre. If you're a seller looking for support with sales payouts, visit the Help Centre.
Why accounts may be disabled
Your Facebook Payments account may be disabled if we notice any of the following:
  • Unusual activity on your payments account
  • Activity that goes against our payments Terms of Service
  • Multiple chargebacks on your payments account
We do this to protect your personal and financial information. You will not be able to make transactions through your Facebook account until this has been resolved.
Request to restore your account
To request to restore your payments account, use this form. We'll notify you via email and your Support Inbox as soon as your case has been updated.
Learn more about privacy and payment protection
Visit the Help Centre to learn more about keeping your account secure when using payments on Facebook. You can also find out more about what Facebook does to protect your payment information.
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