Where does Facebook get information about places?

Facebook compiles information from a variety of data sources to create information about businesses and other places that is used to support various Meta Products.
Data sources
The information we compile for places can come from various sources, including:
  • Public sources: For example, if a business provides its address, hours of operation, phone number or other details on a public website, we can use this information to help keep our records updated.
  • Data provided by third parties: This includes open data sets provided freely for others to use and data provided by companies that collect and license data to others.
  • User-generated information: For example, this information may come from crowdsourcers, Pages admins, and admins of linked Instagram business accounts.
  • Information on Facebook: We determine relevant information to display about a place based on other information on Facebook. For example, we may use a Facebook Page description to predict the category of a place, such as a restaurant. Based on this information, the place may show up in people’s search results.
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