I received an email claiming to be from Facebook asking me to conduct a survey. Is this real?
We sometimes use third parties to conduct surveys about people's experiences on Facebook. An email from Facebook Research will include a link to this page, and the survey link will direct you to Facebook (facebook.com), Decipher (facebook-survey.com), Qualtrics (qualtrics.com), YouGov (yougov.com), or Probe Market Research (surveymonkey.com/s/probefacebookstudy). We appreciate you taking the time to give us feedback.
If an email or Facebook message looks strange, don’t click any of the links in it or open any attachments. To complete this survey, you may need to log into Facebook, but we will never ask you to send us your password in an email or message. You can always forward suspicious emails to phish@fb.com if you want to let us know about any suspicious messages you receive claiming to be from Facebook.
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