What help is available if I’ve shared a nude or sexual photo or video of myself and I’m under 18?

If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, contact local authorities for help.
It’s possible that during your relationship or when talking with your friends and followers you may have shared nude photos or videos of yourself. Maybe you felt excited to share these and it seemed like a good idea at the time, or maybe you felt uncomfortable or felt pressured to do so.
Get support
You have a right to feel safe. If someone asks you to do things that make you feel uncomfortable or says or does things that make you feel bad, it is not your fault. If you’ve shared a photo or video with someone and you are worried, there are ways you can get help.
Here are some things you can do:
  • Contact your local law enforcement if you are in danger and need immediate help.
  • You can report any nudes or sexually explicit content that was shared. You can also report anyone who has made you feel uncomfortable or pressured you to do this.
  • You don’t have to deal with this alone. Find someone you can talk to about this, like a close friend, teacher, counselor, or trusted adult.
  • Increase your privacy settings to protect yourself by controlling who can see what you share or who can find you.
  • Contact a helpline if you are being harassed or harmed online. There are many organizations that provide support specifically for situations when images have been shared without consent.
  • You can contact a suicide helpline if you are upset and need to talk with someone or are struggling with your mental health or thinking about harming yourself.
We want to make sure Facebook is a safe environment. Learn what steps to take if you see images of children or teens being sexually abused or exploited. Learn more about where to get help if you’re a victim of human trafficking.
Risks to sharing
In addition to being against our rules, there are risks to sharing this type of media with others, even if you trust them.
Even if it seemed like a good idea at the time, sharing this content can lead to negative situations:
  • The person you sent the photo to could send it to someone else or share it somewhere online. Even if you trust them now, it is possible that the relationship could change later on.
  • Once this type of content is shared, it can be hard to control what happens to it.
  • Some people have bad intentions and may want to use the content against you.
  • Family members, friends or strangers who you didn’t send the photo to might end up seeing the photo.
  • Your feelings or thoughts about sharing the photo might change as well.
  • The content goes against Facebook’s Community Standards and will be removed. You could also lose access to your Facebook account.
  • You may not have known this, but sharing this type of content of someone under 18 is also against the law in many countries and could put you, your partner or anyone else who has looked at the content at risk.
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