Post or edit a video on your Facebook Page

Pages that you manage may be in the new Pages experience. Learn more about new Pages.
Pages are a way for businesses, brands and public figures to connect with their fans on Facebook. If you don't have a Page, you can post a video from your personal profile.
Add a video to your Page
Edit a video on your Page
Video Options
If you're on Facebook on a computer, select Video Options when uploading or editing a video if you want more control over how your video appears. You can select:
  • Video title: To add a title to your video.
  • Add tags:To add tags related to the content of the video or your Page.
  • Add Captions
    • Add Auto-generated Captions: To turn on computer generated captions for your video.
    • Upload Captions: To upload your own captions in a .srt file.
  • Change Thumbnail
    • Choose Suggested: To use the automatically suggested thumbnail.
    • Upload Image: To upload your own image to use as a thumbnail.
    • Choose From Video: To choose a thumbnail from the video.
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