How do I snooze a person, Page or group on Facebook?

Snoozing a profile, Page or group prevents you from seeing their posts in your Feed for 30 days. The profile, Page or group you've snoozed won't know that they've been snoozed.
You can only snooze someone from a post in your Feed.
To snooze a profile, Page or group from your Feed:
  1. Click in the top right of the post in your Feed.
  2. Click Snooze [Name] for 30 days.
To immediately undo Snooze [Name] for 30 days, click Undo in the confirmation message.
To turn snooze off for a profile, Page or group:
  1. Click your profile picture in the top right of Facebook.
  2. Click Settings & Privacy, then click Feed Preferences.
  3. Select Snooze.
  4. Next to the profile, Page or group you want to turn snooze off, click snooze.
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