What does it mean to enable connected experiences across my accounts listed in Accounts Center?

Accounts Center is only available on Android and iPhone apps. Some features aren't available in all countries at this time.
Setting up Accounts Center means adding either:
  • Up to 25 Instagram accounts to Accounts Center.
  • Up to 24 Instagram accounts and one Facebook account to Accounts Center.
Connected experiences
After your accounts are added to your Accounts Center, you can turn on and off different experiences, and manage those connected experiences like:
  • Sharing your story or posts between Instagram and Facebook.
  • Logging in with your Instagram and Facebook accounts.
    • Example: When you download Instagram on a new device and you’re already logged into Facebook, you can use Facebook to log into Instagram. You can also choose to maintain separate login info for your Instagram and Facebook accounts.
  • Syncing your name and profile picture across Facebook and one of your Instagram accounts. To sync your profile picture, you also have to sync your name. This means that:
    • When you first sync your name, your name on Facebook will become your name on the Instagram account you’ve chosen to sync.
    • People will be able to see and search for you with this name and profile picture on both Facebook and Instagram.
    • People may also see friend or account suggestions for you with this name and profile picture across both Facebook and Instagram.
    • Syncing your name on Facebook with your name on one of your Instagram accounts won’t change your Instagram username for those accounts.
      • Example: If your name is Tracy Kim and you have an Instagram username that’s tkim, then your username for that account will still be tkim after you sync your accounts.
    • When you sync a profile picture, you can choose to use either your Facebook or an Instagram profile picture across your accounts. The default picture will be the picture you most recently updated.
    • If you change your name on your Facebook or one of your synced Instagram accounts, then your name will change on all your connected accounts.
  • Syncing your shopping activity across accounts. When your shopping activity is synced across Instagram and Facebook, you’ll have access to features like:
    • Your wishlist will be visible to you on Instagram and Facebook. You’ll be able to add and see items from all connected accounts.
    • Your recently viewed items will be visible to you across your accounts.
    • Note: Synced shopping activity isn’t available to everyone who has access to Accounts Center. Learn more about Shops on Instagram and Facebook Shops.
  • Using Facebook Pay across Facebook and Instagram. You’ll be able to:
    • Use payment, delivery and contact info across your accounts.
      • Example: You can buy something on one of your synced Instagram accounts using your Facebook Pay info from Facebook. That way, you don’t have to set up separate payment info on Instagram.
    • View your payment history across all accounts with connected Facebook Pay info in one place.
    • Note: Facebook Pay isn’t available to everyone who has access to Accounts Center. Learn more about Facebook Pay in the Facebook Help Center and the Instagram Help Center.
For a complete list of currently available connected experiences, visit Accounts Center in your settings. Learn how to manage your connected experiences in How do I manage my connected experiences in Accounts Center?
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