What information is collected when I access or subscribe to Bulletin content without logging in with Facebook?

You can access free content on Bulletin without a Facebook account. You can also subscribe to receive email content from Bulletin creators without logging in with Facebook.
As described in the Bulletin Data Policy, we collect certain additional information when you access Bulletin, such as:
If you accessed Bulletin without logging in with Facebook, you can manage the information associated with your Bulletin subscription by:
Unsubscribing: You can unsubscribe from creator content at any time by using the unsubscribe link included in emails.
Deleting your Information:You can also request deletion of your email address at any time by using the “manage your email settings” link included in email footers. By requesting deletion of your email address, you will also be unsubscribed from all subscriptions to creator content associated with that email address.
If you do not login to Bulletin with Facebook, we will not use information about you to personalize the content you see, including ads.
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