Which creators can I send Stars to?

You can send Stars to participating content creators with Stars enabled on their profiles. You can send Stars on live or gaming videos, on-demand videos, Reels, or on other types of content. Stars allow creators to monetize their content of Facebook.
To earn Stars, each creator’s content is reviewed to make sure:
  1. The content meets our Community Standards. It's original content created exclusively for Facebook.
  2. It follows our Content Monetization Policies and creates real engagement with viewers.
  3. Facebook reviews and approves each creator before they’re able to enable Stars on their profile.
The following countries do not support the ability to send Stars:
  • Libya (LY)
  • Egypt (EG)
  • Algeria (DZ)
  • Belize (BZ)
  • Ghana (GH)
  • Costa Rica (CR)
  • Moldova (MD)
  • Tunisia (TN)
  • Lebanon (LB)
  • Cape Verde (CV)
  • Turks and Caicos Islands (TC)
  • Uzbekistan (UZ)
  • Korea (KR)
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