How do I update my payout account and financial information on Facebook?

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To update your payout account and financial information, you'll need to be the Financial Admin of your payout account.
Account Changes
Financial Admins are able to manage account information, including: admin details and company emails, addresses, and phone numbers.
Please note: For non-US Charities, approved account changes will go into effect after a review period.
For page/account transfer requests, contact us.
Banking Changes
Financial Admins are able to manage financial information, including banking information.
To change your financial information for Charities or Game Developers, contact us.
To update your payout account or financial information:
  1. Visit your Payouts portal.
  2. From the dropdown menu, select your company name.
  3. Select Settings and follow the onscreen instructions.
It may take a few days to finalize changes you make to your account or financial information. Keep in mind that your ability to receive your payout may be affected if you edit any information before a payment is scheduled.
For information on updating your Tax ID or Company Name, visit the Business Help Center.
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