What operating systems are supported by the Facebook app?

The Facebook app for Android, iPhone and iPad supports the following operating systems:
  • Android: 6.0 or greater
  • iPhone: iOS 13.4 or greater
  • iPad: iOS 13.4 or greater
If your operating system is supported, you’ll be able to receive regular updates to the Facebook app and you'll be able to access new features as they become available. For the best experience, we recommend updating your device to the latest available operating system.
What happens when my operating system isn’t supported anymore?
When we no longer support an operating system, you can continue to use the Facebook app, but you won’t receive any further updates and you won’t have access to any new features we publish.
Over time, you may begin to experience slow performance or other issues as Facebook continues to publish new features and make changes. You won’t be able to update the app to fix these issues.
We recommend using a device with a supported operating system for the best experience using Facebook.
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