How Active Status works on Facebook

Active Status shows your friends and contacts when you're active or were recently active on Facebook or Messenger on this profile.
When your Active Status is on
  • Your friends and contacts will see a or recently active time next to your profile picture and in other places on Facebook and Messenger.
  • You'll see when your friends and contacts are active or recently active.
When your Active Status is off
  • If you turn off Active Status in one place, you'll still appear active or recently active to your friends and contacts anywhere else you're using Facebook or Messenger unless you also turn off the setting in those places.
  • You won't see when your friends and contacts are active or recently in each place or app that you've turned off your Active Status for.
Keep in mind there may be a delay between when someone becomes active or recently active and when they're shown as active or recently active.
What does a green dot mean for Facebook Pages?
Facebook Pages that have been online recently, or have a record of being quick and responsive in their replies to messages on Facebook, Messenger, or WhatsApp will have a .
This is different from the you see for a person’s Active Status, which is why you may see a on a Facebook Page even when your own Active Status is off.
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