What's Privacy Checkup and how can I find it on Facebook?
Privacy Checkup helps you review who can see your posts and info from your profile, like your phone number and email address. It also shows you your settings for apps you’ve logged into with Facebook.
You can use Privacy Checkup to review and adjust your privacy settings to help make sure that you’re sharing with who you want.
To go to Privacy Checkup:
  1. Click at the top of any page on Facebook (ex: your homepage).
  2. Select Privacy Checkup.
Note: Privacy Checkup isn't available to everyone right now. For example, you may not have access to Privacy Checkup on certain devices. You can still adjust all of the settings covered by Privacy Checkup by going to your privacy settings. Learn more about how to select an audience for your posts, how to adjust privacy settings for apps and games and how to edit basic info on your profile and choose who can see it.
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