Photos or Videos That Violate Your Privacy

Facebook provides a number of ways for people to report imagery that they believe violates their privacy. The quickest way to report abuse is by using the Find Support or Report links located near the photo or video that you want to report. Below you'll also find links to more detailed forms that you can use to report a violation of your privacy.
If you're tagged in a photo or video you don't like, you can remove the tag by clicking the Remove Tag link next to your name. Your name will be removed and the content will no longer be associated with your Timeline.
We also encourage you to get in touch with the person who posted this content in order to resolve the issue with them directly. Learn more about social reporting.
Reporting Photos and Videos That Violate Your Privacy
You should only report photos and videos where the reported content involves your child (under 13) or another person for whom you are the legal representative or guardian. In most other circumstances, we will not be able to remove the photo for privacy reasons.
We'll review your report and take appropriate action based on our Community Standards. We recommend that you learn more about our privacy policies before reporting an image, since we can only remove content in specific circumstances.
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