What does it mean for Facebook to invite someone to be an admin of a Facebook group?

In groups without any active admins, Facebook may identify and invite eligible group member(s) to become admins. We consider an admin to be inactive if they haven’t moderated or engaged with the group for an extended period. In selecting eligible members to be added as admins, we consider such factors as their level of engagement and whether they have a history of Community Standards violations.
Before inviting eligible group members to become admins, Facebook will send a notification to the inactive admin(s) and give them 7 days to stop the process by selecting either:
  • Invite admin to choose a new member(s) of the admin team themselves.
  • Or
  • Stop this process if the inactive admin(s) doesn’t want Facebook to invite eligible group members to become admins.
If you don't select either option within 7 days, Facebook will invite the eligible group members to become admins.
When someone new is invited to join the admin team by either Facebook or an inactive admin, the inactive admins will still remain admins of the group unless another admin removes them (note that admins who created the group can’t be removed), or they choose to remove themselves as admins.
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