How do I edit the privacy and settings for my business integrations or remove them from Facebook?

To manage the business integrations you've connected to your Facebook account:
  1. Click account in the top right of Facebook.
  2. Select Settings & Privacy, then click Settings.
  3. Click Business Integrations on the left side.
  4. Select Active or Removed at the top, or search for a specific business integration using the search bar to the right. From here you can:
    • Adjust your settings:
      1. Click View and Edit next to the business integration to control the information it has access to.
      2. Adjust your settings by checking or unchecking the boxes next to your information or using the dropdown menus, and then click Save.
    • Renew permissions: If the business integration has expired user permissions that you want to re-enable, click on Renew.
    • Remove an integration: Select the business integration, click Remove, then Remove.
If a business integration is:
  • Active: You've logged into this integration with Facebook. It can manage one or more of your ads, Pages, groups, events, or messages. It can also currently request the information you choose to share with it at any time, if its user permissions haven’t expired.
  • Removed: You've removed this business integration from your account. It can no longer manage your ads, Pages, groups, events, or messages. It'll also no longer be able to access new private information about you, but it may have information you've previously shared. View removed business integrations to review their privacy policy.
Expired Permissions:
If you haven’t used a business integration for 90 days, its access to your personal, non-public information (like your email address) automatically expires. However, this expired access does not affect a business integration’s connection to your Facebook business assets and information. Integrations with expired permissions are found in the Active list and the permissions will be identified as expired.
Integrations that have expired permissions or are removed can continue to access:
  • Your name.
  • Your profile picture and cover photo.
  • Your App User ID. This ID is created when you connect your Facebook account to the integration. It’s used to identify you with the app creator and doesn’t have your Facebook account details.
  • Information that you shared while the integration was active. You can contact the business integration developer for more information or to request that they delete your information.
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