How can I see reviews on Facebook?

Business reviews are only available on the Facebook app for iPhone and Android.
Business Reviews
When someone on Facebook views an ad and makes a purchase from a business, they may post a review of their experience. When you view an ad from that business, you can see that business’s overall rating score and can see individual reviews of that business. You can also like reviews of businesses that you find useful.
  1. From your Feed, tap an ad for a business you’d like to see reviews for to open the Facebook Mobile Browser.
  2. The overall review score will be shown on the bottom.
  3. Tap to open the More Info screen.
  4. Tap the review score to see details of the review score and to see individual reviews.
Keep in mind, businesses may reply to reviews, but they can’t edit or remove reviews. Reviews are only removed if they go against our Community Standards.
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