How does Facebook suggest groups for me to join?

What are suggested groups on Facebook?
Facebook makes personalized recommendations to help people discover groups and build community. Facebook may recommend groups that are similar to the groups you’re currently a member of, that your friends have joined, that are popular in your area or related to a topic you’ve demonstrated interest in on Facebook. Facebook doesn’t suggest private hidden groups.
You can learn more about the group by selecting the suggestion to preview the group, or you can join the group by selecting Join. If you think a suggestion is unhelpful, you can remove it and see fewer suggestions like it (see below).
How does Facebook suggest groups for me to join?
Facebook uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to make personalized recommendations about the types of groups someone might be interested in joining or participating in. The technology suggests groups based on the information someone has shared on Facebook and what groups people who share things in common with them have joined and participated in. For example, if someone sets their current city to New York City, the AI technology may suggest a group about sightseeing in New York City.
Where might I see suggested groups on Facebook?
You might see suggested groups in your Feed, in your notifications, when you visit a group that you’re a member of, when selecting Groups from the left menu of your Feed, or when watching a video or viewing an event on Facebook.
What information does Facebook use for suggested groups?
Facebook takes into account a variety of factors when suggesting groups, including:
  1. Geographic information, like the current city listed in the About section of your Facebook profile, to suggest groups with members nearby
  2. Demographic information, like language and age, to suggest groups with similar members
  3. Groups someone you’re friends with has already joined or participated in and Pages they’ve followed
  4. Your activity in a group or Page, like if you’ve posted or interacted with posts about cars
  5. Your recent activity on other Facebook features like Marketplace, Search, Watch and Events, like items you’ve sold, videos you’ve watched and events you’ve attended
  6. Trending or popular topics in groups
  7. Information you’ve added to your profile, like your interests
How can I influence what groups Facebook suggests to me?
We regularly update our AI technology to improve suggestions. However, sometimes we might get it wrong and show groups you aren’t interested in joining. Here are some things you can do to see more relevant suggestions:
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