How do I find or become a mentor in a Facebook group?

If group admins add the mentorship feature to their group, group members can share knowledge one-on-one with other members.
Mentorship can last up to 10 weeks. Once completed, you'll still be able to see everything you and your partner shared.
Group members must be 18 or older to offer or request mentorship. Group admins must be 18 or older in order for their group to offer mentorship.
Admins can view metrics about mentorship in their group through group insights.
Learn how to add or remove mentorship from your group if you’re an admin.
We may restrict which groups can access mentorship and which members can be mentors and mentees. If you or your group can’t access or no longer have access to mentorship, it might be because you or the group admins aren’t 18 or older or have new or inactive accounts, or because of violations of our Terms of Service, Community Standards or other policies.
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