How does Facebook protect my information when I use digital collectibles?

Transactions made on a blockchain may be visible to others. For example, Ethereum transactions are visible publicly on Etherscan.
We work hard to keep Facebook a safe and enjoyable place for everyone. This is why we provide tools to help keep your account secure when you connect your digital wallet and share digital collectibles posts on Facebook.
We protect digital wallet and collectible information by:
  • Not displaying your full wallet address on your public profile or to anyone but you.
  • Not posting collectibles automatically without action from either the collectible owner, creator or people who manage the Page.
  • Showing who created or who owns a collectible by connecting to a third-party wallet that confirms past or current ownership of the blockchain address associated with a collectible or who created it.
  • Removing collectible posts that violate intellectual property rights or our Community Standards.
Note: Facebook will not be able to make changes to your wallet. When you connect your digital wallet to Facebook, we don’t display or request any information about digital assets in your wallet other than supported collectibles.
Learn what you can do to help keep your account secure.
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