What tools does Facebook provide to help me protect my intellectual property in my videos?

In addition to our other measures, including our online reporting forms and our repeat infringer policy, we use systems that flag content posted to Facebook that may contain copyrighted content owned by someone else.
Rights Manager, Facebook's rights management technology, allows copyright owners to upload and maintain a reference library of video content they want to monitor and protect, including live video streams. You may be able to use Rights Manager to take a number of actions on a video that matches your content, including:
  • Block: A blocked video is not viewable by anyone other than the person who posted it. If a blocked video is posted on a Page, it is not viewable by anyone other than administrators of that Page. You may be able to block a video worldwide or in specific countries where you own rights. Learn more about blocking in Rights Manager.
  • Claim Ad Earnings: You may be able to claim money earned from a video that contains ad breaks. Your claim may apply to money earned from all views on a video or only views in specific countries where you own rights.
  • Apply Attribution: You may be able to insert a banner below a video linking it to your own content. You may be able to apply this banner worldwide or only in specific countries where you own rights.
  • Report: You can use Rights Manager to send a copyright report to Facebook, which may result in the reported video being removed.
To learn more about Rights Manager, visit https://rightsmanager.fb.com.
We also use Audible Magic to help prevent unauthorized videos from being posted to Facebook. Audible Magic allows content owners to fingerprint their media files for copyright management. Videos uploaded to Facebook are then run through Audible Magic at the time of upload. If a match is detected, the upload is stopped and the user is notified. To learn more about Audible Magic, you can visit their website at www.audiblemagic.com.
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