What is the Page Transparency section on Facebook Pages?

In an effort to increase accountability and transparency of Pages, Facebook is showing more information about Pages and the people who manage them in the Page Transparency section on Pages.
Where can I find the Page Transparency section on a Page?
To access this information as a page visitor:
  1. Visit any Page's timeline by clicking its name in your News Feed or searching for it.
  2. Scroll down to the Page Transparency below the About section.
  3. Tap See All.
This information is also visible when viewing a Page in the Ad Library.
What info is shown in the Page Transparency section?
The information in the Page Transparency section comes from Facebook and includes:
  • The date the Page was created.
  • The primary country locations where the Page is managed. This applies to all Page roles.
  • The number of people who manage the Page in each country.
  • The Page's previous name changes.
  • Any Page merges that happen on or after September 6, 2018.
  • The confirmed business or organization that has claimed ownership of the Page.
  • Any confirmed businesses or organizations who have been granted access to help manage the Page.
  • If the Page belongs to a state-controlled media organization.
What is primary country location?
The primary country location where a Page is managed is determined by a person’s information and activity on Facebook Products, including the stated location on their Facebook profile, and device and connection information.
Sometimes Facebook can't share the exact country location of people who manage a Page because the account may be too new, or we haven't determined their location yet.
The primary country location of everyone with an existing Page roles will appear in the Page Transparency section regardless of the person's role or level of activity.
However, we will not show a primary country location for any disabled accounts or for system users. You can learn more about System Users in the Business Help Center.
Note: If your location is inaccurate, turning on Location Services may help Facebook determine your location. Facebook uses Location Services to help you check in, find local events and get better ads.
What are Confirmed Page Owners and Confirmed Page Partners?
A Confirmed Page Owner is a business or organization that has completed Facebook’s business verification process and claimed ownership of the Page or has created a disclaimer to run ads about social issues, elections or politics through the Tax-Registered, Government Organization, or FEC options.
We require a Confirmed Page Owner in some cases. For example, if we find that a Page is concealing its authentic ownership to mislead people in violation of our policies, that Page can be required to disclose its owning entity in order to remain on Facebook. Additionally, Pages that run ads about social issues, elections or politics in the United States must assign a Page Owner, and may optionally assign a Page Partner as well. Learn more about what to do if you are running ads about social issues, elections or politics.
The Confirmed Page Owner section may include one of the following:
  • The Confirmed Page Owner’s verified legal name and registered city, country and/or phone number. Learn more about the business verification process on our Business Help Center.
  • The name of a blue-badge verified public figure, artist or band. Learn more about verified Pages.
  • A note that the Confirmed Page Owner’s information is not yet available or was hidden by the Page admin.
Confirmed Page Partners are businesses or organizations that have completed Facebook’s business verification process and that the Page manager has allowed to help manage the Page. If a Page turns on this feature in their Page settings, their partners’ legal name(s) appear below Confirmed Page Partners.
Note: At this time, this information will only appear on Pages with a large U.S. audience or that run ads about social issues, elections or politics in the U.S.
How do I set up a Confirmed Page Owner on my Page?
You can complete Facebook’s business verification process and claim your Pages in Business Manager. Learn more about the verification process.
If you want a different Page Owner than the one listed, learn more about changing your Page Owner.
What if I manage a Page and I don't want this info on my Page?
The Page Transparency section itself cannot be removed or hidden. You can remove or request to remove some information.
You can submit a request for Facebook to hide your primary country location because of special circumstances including risks to personal safety. If your primary country location is hidden, people visiting your Page will see Location hidden by Page manager below Page Info.
If your business verification process was completed before October 21, 2019, you can hide Confirmed Page Owner information. To hide Confirmed Page Owners or Confirmed Page Partners:
  1. From your News Feed, click Pages in the left menu.
  2. Go to your Page, then click Settings in the top right corner.
  3. Click Page Transparency in the bottom left menu.
  4. Click next to Show Confirmed Page Owner to turn it off.
  5. Click next to Show Names of Confirmed Page Partners to turn it on or off.
Turning this on will ensure your Page appears higher in Facebook search results, helps Facebook protect your Page from impersonators and tells people that your Page is owned by a real business or organization. Turning this off will cause Hidden Confirmed Page Owner to appear instead.
If you’re a team member, your personal profile information won't be visible on your Page unless you've chosen to share it or are otherwise identified. Learn how to add or remove yourself as a team member.
Note: If you are running ads about social issues, elections or politics you are required to display a Confirmed Page Owner and cannot hide this information.