Unable to send messages on Facebook

This is about using messages on Facebook. For help with the Messenger app or messenger.com, visit the Messenger Help Center.
If you see an error message saying “You can’t reply to this conversation,” it might be because:
  • A message or something you shared goes against our Community Standards.
  • You recently sent an unusual number of messages, which may seem like spam to our security system.
  • Messages you sent were marked as unwelcome.
  • You blocked the person you're messaging or they blocked you.
We understand that you may not have known about our standards or meant to send unwelcome messages. We want to assure you that this block is temporary.
To avoid blocks like this in the future, you can:
  • Review our Community Standards to understand what kind of sharing is allowed on Facebook.
  • Only message people and businesses you already know.
  • Use the name you go by in everyday life to help the people you're messaging recognize you.
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