What are Facebook’s Giving Moments?

Nonprofits and their supporters can raise money for charitable causes on Facebook. Learn more about our fundraising mission.
Understand Giving Moments
Giving Moments are points in time when Facebook tries to increase awareness of charitable causes that need to raise funds. During a Giving Moment, Facebook will feature nonprofits that connect to that moment’s theme.
Giving Moments may be in response to:
  • A natural disaster like the Australian bush fires
  • A social justice movement like Black Lives Matter
  • A celebratory month or date like International Women’s Day or Earth Day
Learn how to support nonprofit fundraisers for Giving Moments.
How featured nonprofits and fundraisers are selected
When you open the Fundraiser page on Facebook during a giving moment, you'll see featured nonprofits for that moment. The nonprofits are suggested based on how often they're supported on Facebook and the nonprofits you’ve shown interest in in the past.
Facebook’s donations to Giving Moments fundraisers
When you create a fundraiser for a nonprofit featured during Giving Moments, Facebook or a company may donate to that fundraiser.
Rules and restrictions:
  • Facebook or a company supporting the Giving Moment may donate money to any active fundraiser created for the featured nonprofit.
  • Donations caps will apply.
  • If you start multiple fundraisers for a Giving Moment’s featured nonprofit, then only one of them will be donated to by Facebook or the company.
  • Giving Moments feature nonprofits on Facebook and will not suggest personal fundraisers or fundraisers on Instagram.
For nonprofits
  • We make sure that any nonprofit featured for a Giving Moment agrees to being featured.
  • Featured nonprofits don’t have to set up fundraiser or do any active promotion.
  • We won’t share how much any nonprofit raises during a Giving Moment.
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