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Starting March 2023, Bulletin will no longer be available. From January to March 2023, Bulletin won’t host new content and will be in read-only mode.
You may have to take action to continue your Bulletin subscription depending on the creator you subscribe to. Here are a few things to consider regarding your Bulletin subscription once Bulletin becomes unavailable:
Bulletin subscription refunds
  • Refunds are available for all active premium Bulletin subscribers. The creator you subscribe to will share more information about this process.
  • You will not receive refunds for Bulletin subscriptions canceled before March 2023.
Bulletin premium subscriber group
  • Once your active Bulletin subscription is canceled and a refund is issued, you will automatically be removed from the Bulletin subscriber-only group.
  • The creator you subscribe to may have plans to keep using a different group. Your current group may be able to provide further information about the creator’s plans.
Bulletin subscription transfers
  • Bulletin subscription transfers are handled by each individual creator and how they choose to publish their future content.
  • If your Bulletin subscription was free, the creator may be able to transfer your subscription to a new platform without action needed from you.
  • If you had a premium Bulletin subscription, you may have to purchase a subscription directly from the creator’s new platform.
Bulletin subscriber lists
  • Through the end of 2022, if you no longer wish to receive emails from a Bulletin creator, you can unsubscribe or manage your subscription by clicking Unsubscribe or manage your email settings at the bottom of creator emails.
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