How do seller reviews work on Facebook Marketplace?

Seller reviews are only available on the Facebook for iPhone or Android app. You cannot review sellers from a computer or mobile browser.
Seller reviews let buyers type and post comments about their experiences with individual sellers after buying something through Facebook Marketplace.
Seller reviews can be seen in a seller’s commerce profile and in the individual listing to which they relate.
Note that we do not verify whether or not every person who writes seller reviews has actually purchased a product from the seller they are reviewing.
How do I review a seller?
You can write a review about an individual seller from the listing you purchased, or from your messages with them.
  • Once your review is public, you will no longer be able to edit it. You can delete your review at any time.
  • Sellers can reply to your review. If a seller chooses to reply to your review, you will not be able to reply to their reply.
  • If you delete your seller review (before or after the seller replies), you will not be able to post another review of that seller for the same transaction.
  • If you block a seller after posting a seller review, your review will not be visible to the public.
Review From Inbox
To write a review about a seller from your messages:
  1. From Feed, tap Menu in the top right of Facebook.
  2. Tap marketplaceMarketplace. If you don't see marketplaceMarketplace, tap See more.
  3. Tap , then tap Inbox.
  4. From your messages with the seller you want to review, tap Review seller below their name.
Review From Listing
To write a review about a seller from a listing you purchased:
  1. From the listing you purchased, scroll down to Seller information.
  2. Tap Review seller next to the seller’s name.
How can I request that buyers review me?
If a buyer hasn’t written a review, the seller may be able to request a review from the buyer through the seller's commerce profile, the product page, the listing inventory page or in a chat thread.
Where can I see my seller reviews?
Marketplace users can see your seller reviews on your commerce profile. Seller reviews for an individual listing can also be seen in that listing. Your replies to these reviews are also public and can be deleted at any time.
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