What information does Facebook share about my commerce activity?

Commerce activity with KASIKORN Global Payment is a feature that's only available in Thailand.
When you set up payments, we may share some information about your use of Facebook products for commerce activity with our payment processor KASIKORN Global Payment. This info is used by KASIKORN Global Payment to complete your registration and manage your use of their services.
This information may include the following:
  • the length of time since you created your Page or profile
  • the number of listings you have made in the last 3 months
  • the number of your listings that buyers have commented on in the last 3 months
  • the number of your posts that have gone against our Commerce Policies
  • the number of times buyers have reported you for potentially going against our Commerce Policies
As with our other products, the actions you take on Facebook and Messenger (including with Facebook Pay) can be used for purposes such as to deliver you more relevant content and ads, to provide customer support and to promote safety and integrity (example: to investigate violations of our payments policies).
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