How does Purchase Protection work with Facebook Pay in Thailand?

This article is about Purchase Protection in Thailand. You can learn more about Purchase Protection in the United States here.

Purchase Protection is a policy that allows buyers to purchase with peace of mind when shopping on Facebook and paying in Messenger with Facebook Pay. It also helps sellers build credibility and trust.
How does Purchase Protection work with Facebook Pay?
Purchase Protection guarantees that eligible transactions will be refunded if buyers have problems with their order. Many purchases made with Facebook Pay are covered by our Purchase Protection policies. Purchase Protection is free for buyers and sellers and automatically covers eligible purchases.
With Purchase Protection, payments to sellers will be held by Facebook until buyers mark purchases as received, or for up to 7 days after the payment has been successfully made. During this time, a buyer can dispute an order with a seller in the following situations:
  • Item not received
  • Item damaged or significantly different than described
If a buyer and seller cannot come to an agreement on a dispute, the buyer can file a claim with Facebook after 24 hours. For further details on the different situations that are covered, please read the Purchase Protection policies.
Which purchases are covered by Purchase Protection?
Purchase Protection only covers items purchased on Facebook through Messenger, which requires using Facebook Pay. This means that items purchased through other apps or services are not covered. Items covered by Purchase Protection are clearly labeled in both the product details and payment pages. If the buyer files a Purchase Protection claim and it is approved by Facebook, they will receive a refund for the full amount of the purchase.
Some purchases are not covered by Purchase Protection, such as multiple items combined into one single order or items priced over ฿9,300. You can find full details for what purchases are covered and excluded in our full policy.
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