What are music video playlists on Facebook Watch?

Playlists are only available on the Facebook app for Android and iPhone.
Playlists on Facebook Watch organize videos into genres, artists and moods.
How to find playlists:
  1. From your Feed, tap menu.
  2. Tap Videos on Watch. If you don't see Videos on Watch, tap See more first.
  3. Tap Music at the top.
  4. Below Music Video Playlists, tap a playlist to watch it or tap See All for more options.
  5. You can also scroll through a category by swiping left and right inside it.
A playlist may be based on the artists and videos you interact with, popularity or they may be curated lists of music.
Personalized Playlists:
These playlists are based on your tastes, as shown by the artists that you follow or the videos that you watch.
  • Watch it Again
  • Artists You Follow
  • Artists You May Like
Timely Playlists:
These playlists are based on popularity and timeliness.
  • Popular This Week
  • New This Week
  • Popular Artists
Curated Playlists:
Curated playlists are manually organized around genres, moods or themes. These playlists have a broad selection to discover new music or old favorites.
Curated playlists are found in the Genres and Moods category.
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