What should I do if someone is threatening to share something on Facebook my child wants to keep private (example: messages, photos, videos)?

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If someone is threatening to share personal information about your child (asking for money or anything else), you have options. Here's what you can do:
  • Report this to local law enforcement.
  • Report this person to us. Sharing or threatening to share intimate images goes against our Community Standards.
  • Ask your child to block this person. Depending on your privacy settings, people on Facebook can see a list of your Facebook friends. Once you block someone, they no longer have access to your friend list and won't be able to start conversations with you or see things you post on your profile.
Advice For Parents
Even when they're being threatened, young people are often reluctant to tell trusted adults about sensitive issues. Often they’re afraid or confused about what might happen next. They worry that by speaking up they could make their situation much worse — they could be judged, disciplined, made an example of or publicly criticized by adults.
There is nothing more effective than letting your children know — often and in different ways — that you are there for them no matter what and will respectfully help them work through the issue with each step you take together.
If your child is being threatened, you may need to gather more information about the situation. Get the whole story from your child’s perspective, and then talk to people you both trust to fill in gaps. A legal adviser or victim advocate can help you gather evidence that can be used in a legal case or to get a restraining order, if necessary.
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