How does Facebook use my mobile phone number?

We may use your mobile phone number for purposes like:
  • Helping you log in. If you forget your password or the email you use to log into Facebook, you can look either of them up by entering the mobile number associated with your account.
  • Sending you SMS notifications for updates about activity on your account, promotions, and account safety. SMS notifications can help keep your account safe through opt-in features like two-factor authentication and text message alerts for unrecognized logins. You can opt out of all SMS notifications at any time.
  • Connecting you to other people and content on our platforms through features like People You May Know.
  • Providing and improving ads for you and others. We match your contact information with information we get from other sources (example: when you make a purchase after seeing an ad on Facebook). This helps us improve our ads services for everyone within the Facebook community.
We don't ever sell personal information, including your mobile phone number, to anyone. Keep in mind that you can control who can see your phone number and who can look you up on Facebook. Learn more about how Facebook uses your phone number in our Data Policy.
We may ask you to confirm your mobile phone number because:
  • You previously added the phone number we're asking you to confirm.
  • Time has passed since you last added or updated your phone number.
  • We’ve received information from your device that helps us suggest the number connected to that device.
  • You haven’t added one yet, and we want to show you how.
Keep in mind, the phone number we’re asking you to confirm will only be added to your account if you choose to add it.
Note: Once you confirm your phone number, you can adjust notification settings and control who can see your contact info. You can also remove a confirmed mobile phone number from your account at any time.
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