What are my ad preferences and how can I adjust them on Facebook?

Keep in mind that there is no way to hide all ads. Learn more about how Facebook decides which ads to show you and how to give feedback on the ads you see.
Your Ad Preferences page lets you adjust the ads you see while on Facebook and gives you the ability to update your Ad Settings to control information we can use to show you ads.
To view and adjust your ad preferences:
  1. Click account in the top right of Facebook.
  2. Select Settings & Privacy, then click Settings.
  3. Click Ads in the left menu.
From here, you can view the advertisers you’ve most recently seen ads from, and you can choose to see fewer ads about selected topics. You can also review your Ad Settings and choose whether we can show you personalized ads based on data about your activity from partners.
Please note, changing your ad preferences influences which ads you see, but it won’t change the total number of ads you see.
The Advertisers section of Ad Preferences lets you see the advertisers we’ve shown you ads from most recently, as well as advertisers whose ads you’ve clicked on while on Facebook.
These are advertisers we think will be most interesting and relevant to you based on your activity on and off Facebook. You can choose to hide ads from these advertisers and view which advertisers you’ve already hidden.
To hide ads from an advertiser:
  1. Visit your Ad Preferences page, then click Advertisers.
  2. Below Advertisers You’ve Seen Most Recently, you’ll see a list of advertisers. Click Hide Ads for any advertisers you’d like to not see ads from.
Ad Topics
Ad Topics is a list of topics you can choose to see fewer of while on Facebook. These include alcohol, parenting, pets and social issues, elections or politics. Please note, the social issues, elections or politics topic preference is not available in every country.
To adjust your Ad Topic preferences:
  1. Visit your Ad Preferences page, then click Ad Topics.
  2. Below Manage Ad Topics, you’ll see a list of topics, including Alcohol, Parenting, Pets and Social Issues, Elections or Politics.
  3. Click See Fewer for the ad topic you'd like to see fewer ads about.
Keep in mind:
  • Your ad topic preference selections on Facebook are not applied to your experience on Instagram. Learn how to update your ad topic preferences for the ads you see on Instagram.
  • You may still see some ads related to these topics even if you chose to see fewer of them. If you do see an ad related to a topic that you chose to see fewer of, you can hide the ad, and we’ll use your feedback to improve the relevance of the ads you see.
Please note, all advertisers are subject to our ad policies. Alcohol is a restricted category under Facebook's Ad Policies, regardless of whether you choose to see fewer of these ads. Ads that promote or reference alcohol must comply with all applicable local laws, required or established industry codes, guidelines, licenses and approvals, and include age and country targeting criteria consistent with Facebook's targeting guidelines and applicable local laws.
Ad Settings
Your Ad Preferences page also let you see how we’re using data to show ads we think will be most interesting for you and let you adjust how this data can be used to show you ads. Under Ad Settings, you can:
  • View common questions about how data is used to show you ads on Facebook.
  • Choose whether or not we can show you personalized ads based on your activity on other websites, apps or offline.
  • Review what information advertisers can use to reach you, such as certain Facebook Profile information and interest categories, and choose whether this information can be used to show you ads.
  • View advertisers that can choose to show their ads to certain audiences you have been included in based on your activity or information and decide whether these audiences can be used to show you ads.
  • Choose how advertisers can reach you off of Facebook Company Products.
  • Adjust who can see your social interactions alongside ads on Facebook.
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