How do I know if a public figure or brand on Facebook is authentic?

When interacting with public figures and brands, you should look for a verified badge on their Page or profile. The verified badge means Facebook has confirmed that the Page or profile is the authentic presence of the public figure or brand it represents. We don’t use the verified badge to endorse or recognize public figures or brands.
Pages and profiles that impersonate public figures or other people go against our our Community Standards. If you think somebody on Facebook is pretending to be a public figure or someone else, learn how to report them.
How to find the verified badge
To make sure a public figure is verified:
  1. At the top, search for the Page or profile and click .
  2. Click the public figure’s Page or profile.
  3. Look for the next to their name.
Note: While many public figures work with Facebook to verify their Page or profile, keep in mind that not all public figures have a verified badge.
How to spot impersonating Pages and profiles
Be careful if a public figure does something like:
  • Ask you for payment in the form of gift cards, money transfer or through Messenger.
  • Ask for your financial information as part of a giveaway, or direct you to a suspicious link or website asking for your personal information.
  • Use a suspicious Page or profile URL that doesn’t seem associated with the public figure.
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