Why is Facebook asking for location from people who manage Pages?

In an effort to increase accountability and transparency of Pages, Facebook is requiring people who manage a Page with the potential to reach a lot of people to get authorized to publish as their Page. Part of this process might include confirming your country or region.
If you receive a notification from Facebook, you must complete the publishing authorizations process to continue to publish posts as your Page.
How does Facebook determine your country or region?
Your primary country or region is determined by your information and activity on Facebook, including the stated location on your Facebook profile, device and connection information.
How do I confirm my country or region?
To confirm your primary country or region, you’ll be asked to:
  1. Enter your current city. Learn how to update your About section.
  2. Turn on Location Services on your mobile device. Learn how to turn on your Location Services.
Once you’ve completed these steps, you’ll be able to continue posting as your Page until we’ve finished reviewing your information.
What happens if Facebook can't confirm my country or region?
If we’re unable to confirm your primary country or region, you won’t be able to post as your Page.
To help us confirm your primary country or region:
  • Use the Facebook app on your mobile device with Location Services turned on. By using a phone or tablet, we will receive more accurate location information.
  • Avoid using a VPN or similar services.
  • Ensure the current city on your profile is updated.
You can revisit your authorization status at any point by going to Identity Confirmation in General Account Settings.
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