How do I create an online event on Facebook?

To create an online event:
  1. From Feed, click Events in the left menu. You may have to click See More first.
  2. Click + Create New Event, then Online.
  3. Choose an online event type:
    • Facebook Live: Use if your event has more than 50 guests.
    • Rooms: Use for a more interactive experience in a video call setting. Rooms can have up to 50 people including hosts and co-hosts.
    • External Link: Use if your event is off of Facebook. Include anything guests may need to know in the event description.
    • Other: Make sure to include clear instructions on how to participate.
    Then click Next.
  4. Add the event name and date and time.
  5. Click Privacy and select one:
    • Private: Guests must be invited to the event and the event is hidden.
      You can click the toggle next to Guests Can Invite Friends if you want to turn that on. Keep in mind, you can't change this after you create the event.
    • Public: Anyone can see and join the event.
    • Friends: Only your Facebook friends can see and join the event.
    • Group: Who can see and join the event depends on the group privacy.
      • Public group: Anyone can see and join the event.
      • Private group: Only members of the Facebook group can see and join the event.
    Then click Next.
  6. Add a description of the event and click Next.
  7. Click Upload Cover Photo or Choose Illustration if you want a cover photo.
  8. Click Event Settings if you want to add a co-host.
  9. Click Create Event.
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