What are the privacy settings for groups?
When you create a group, you can choose 3 privacy settings: Public, Closed or Secret. The table below shows who can join these groups and what people can see about them.
Who can see the group's name?AnyoneAnyoneCurrent and former members
Who can see the group description?AnyoneAnyoneCurrent and former members
Who can see the list of members in the group?People on FacebookCurrent membersCurrent members
Who can see admins and moderators in the group?People on FacebookPeople on FacebookCurrent members
Who can see what members post in the group?AnyoneCurrent membersCurrent members
Who can find the group in Facebook search?People on FacebookPeople on FacebookCurrent members
Who can request to join?People on FacebookPeople on FacebookFormer members
Who can see stories about the group on Facebook (ex: News Feed and search)?People on FacebookCurrent membersCurrent members
All groups require member approval by either an admin or group member depending on the group's settings. If you're an admin of a group, learn how to change the privacy settings of your group or how to change your member approval settings.
People not logged into Facebook may see the names and descriptions of public and closed groups. They may also see posts in public groups.
Note: Select rights owners may be able to search sale group posts to prevent the misuse of intellectual property on Facebook.
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