How can I navigate my profile and timeline using a screenreader on Facebook?

Profile Heading Structure
Your profile has headings so you can navigate its different sections using screen readers:
  • Home is an h1 heading. This will take you out of the profile to your News Feed.
  • Your name is an h2 heading. The information in your About section comes next, followed by your posts.
  • Friend requests, messages and notifications are h3 headings. These headings appear when you click one of the icons.
  • The chat sidebar is an h4 heading.
  • Posts on your timeline have h5 headings.
  • Ads have h6 headings.
Timeline ARIA Landmarks
ARIA document landmarks are used to represent important parts of timeline. Besides the main, banner, search and content info landmarks, different navigational landmarks are marked on timeline with appropriate labels. Stories on your timeline are marked as complementary landmarks to enable easy navigation with screen readers.
Note: If you're navigating with a screen reader using headings, you'll likely hear similar headings repeated because of what appears on the screen. If you continue reading below the heading, you'll hear the updates from different posts.
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