How do I report a problem with Facebook and the assistive technology I'm using?

If you're experiencing a problem using assistive technology settings like screen readers, magnification tools or alternate input methods with Facebook, use this form to let us know. You may need to log into Facebook to use the form.
Before you report
If you're experiencing issues with Facebook that aren't related to assistive technology, learn how to report a problem with Facebook.
If you’re using a mobile device, make sure the operating system and Facebook app are current. Updating the app and operating system may solve the problem. You can check the versions in the Settings app for your device.
When you report an issue, include information about your device, the assistive technology that you’re using and what you were doing on Facebook when the problem occurred. Including this information helps us recreate the problem.
What to include in your report
Information about your device:
  • Brand
  • Model
  • Operating system
For example, Apple iPhone 12 with iOS 14.5.1 or Google Pixel 5 with Android 11.
Information about the assistive technology or assistive technology setting:
  • Name
  • Version number
  • Feature you're using
Information about what you were doing on Facebook:
  • Facebook product or feature
  • Facebook URL
  • Steps you took when the problem occured
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