How can I contact the friends I've chosen as trusted contacts to get back in to my Facebook account?

If you can't get in to your Facebook account and you already have trusted contacts set up, you can request help from them to get back in to your account.
If you don't have trusted contacts set up and you're having problems logging in to your Facebook account, learn about other ways to get back in to your account.
To create a recovery code for your trusted contacts to give you:
  1. Go to on a computer, then click Forgotten account? on the login page.
  2. If prompted, find your account by entering your email address, phone, username or full name and click Search.
  3. Look at the list of email addresses listed on your account. If you don't have access to any of these, click No longer have access to these?.
  4. Enter a new email address or phone number that you know you can access and click Continue.
  5. Click Reveal my trusted contacts and type the full name of one of your trusted contacts.
  6. You'll see a set of instructions that includes a special link. The link contains a recovery code that only your trusted contacts can access.
To get the recovery code from your trusted contacts:
  1. Send your friend the link and ask them to open it.
  2. Their link will have a login code. Ask them to give you the login code.
  3. Use the recovery codes from your trusted contacts to access your account.
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