What are personal fundraisers on Facebook and who can create one?

Personal fundraisers on Facebook are ending soon. Learn more.
You can raise money for personal causes like health emergencies or moving costs. You can donate to your friend’s personal fundraisers.
Personal fundraisers
Note: You can’t use personal fundraisers to raise money for a nonprofit. To raise money for a nonprofit, create a nonprofit fundraiser.
You can create a personal fundraiser to raise money for a personal cause like the cost of a move or a community project. You can also create personal fundraisers to help your friends in need.
You can create personal fundraisers to help your small business. Learn how to create a fundraiser for your business.
Learn more about the categories of personal fundraisers.
How you receive the funds you raise
Note: There are payment processing fees for donations to personal fundraisers. Fee amounts depend on the country or region you’re in. Learn more about fees.
  • Meet our policies: After you create your fundraiser, we’ll review it to make sure it meets our personal fundraiser policies. If your fundraiser is approved, then you’ll be paid out 6 days after donations are made.
  • Add a bank account: To receive the money you raise, you must add your bank account when you create your fundraiser. Learn how to add your bank account.
  • Taxes on donations: Money raised by a personal fundraiser is paid out to the person who created the fundraiser. You may have to pay taxes on the funds you raise. Learn more about taxes on donations.
Who can create and donate to personal fundraisers
If you’re in a country or region where personal fundraisers are available, you can create a personal fundraiser. Your fundraiser has to meet our personal fundraiser policies.
To donate to a personal fundraiser, check that:
  • You’re in a country or region where fundraising is available.
  • You’ve set up payments on Facebook.
  • Your donation currency is supported by our payment partner, Stripe.
Countries/regions where you can create and make donations to personal fundraisers on Facebook
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