How do returns work for purchases made with checkout on Facebook?

Unless the item is final sale, most items purchased with checkout on Facebook are returnable for at least 30 days after delivery. Items purchased with checkout from individual sellers on Marketplace may be returned depending on the seller’s return policy.
To see the specific return policy for an item, check the Shipping and Returns section of the product page or your order confirmation. For orders with multiple items, you’ll need to request a return for each item separately.
Once a seller has accepted your request for a return, you will be sent a return shipping label to the email address you entered at checkout, or you may need to provide your own label depending on the seller. Once you have your return shipping label, you will need to print it, attach it to the package and drop the package off at the correct carrier within the return window. Learn how to contact the seller or Facebook for help with your order.
Note: Returns and refunds for items purchased with local pickup on Marketplace are not available from Facebook.
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