What are Groups in Facebook Spaces?
Groups in Facebook Spaces allow you to connect and interact with other people in VR who are part of the same Facebook groups as you. You don't have to be friends with other members of a group, but do need to be members of the same Facebook group in order to join groups in Spaces. Each group has one host and up to 3 other participants.
Using Groups in Facebook Spaces
To join or start a group in Facebook Spaces:
  1. Use your index finger to tap Groups on your dock.
  2. Tap a Facebook group you'd like to join.
  3. Tap Go Visit to join an existing group or Create Space to create and host a new one.
To leave a group space, tap on the inside of your left wrist.
Once you've joined a group in Spaces, you can control and moderate your group by tapping Guests and then tapping one of the following options next to the guest list for your group:
  • Mute: Turn off the audio from other members of the group you're in.
  • Report: Report another member of the group you're in for going against our Community Standards.
  • Kick: Remove a member of the group you're in.
Note: You can only remove another member of the group if you're hosting that group.

Staying Safe with Groups in Facebook Spaces
Facebook Spaces is a place for you to connect with your friends and family in VR. If you're ever in a space and you don't feel safe or comfortable, see our recommended Safety Tools and Features.
In addition you can:
  • Control "Safety Shield" to ensure that others can't get too close in VR by tapping Settings from your dock. "Safety Shield" is turned on by default.
  • Tapduring a session or remove your headset to immediately remove yourself from the environment. While your session is paused you can report any issues that happened during your VR experience.
  • Choose to Hide Appearance in selfies and Live videos by tapping on the inside of your right wrist.
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