Should I create a personal or a nonprofit fundraiser on Facebook?

You can raise money on Facebook to support a nonprofit or a local business.
Differences between personal and nonprofit fundraisers
You can create 2 types of fundraisers on Facebook:
  • Personal fundraisers: Fundraisers that raise money for a personal cause, like yourself, a friend or a business. Note: Cannot be used to raise money for a nonprofit.
  • Nonprofit fundraisers: Fundraisers that raise money for charitable causes. and organizations.
When to create personal fundraisers
Create a personal fundraiser when you want to raise money for things like:
  • Community projects, like buying new supplies for your local library
  • Crisis relief, like helping a friend whose home was badly damaged in a fire
  • Education, like tuition funds
  • Faith or religion
  • Hobbies, like getting help to buy a new guitar
  • Family support, like sending your parents on a secret vacation
  • Medical costs, like helping your sister’s surgery
  • Pets, like raising money to get your dog’s teeth fixed
Learn more about our approved categories. Before you start, check to see if you are in a country where personal fundraisers are available.
Age restrictions and sanctions
Personal fundraisers appearing to intended to send funds to a country or region that is subject to comprehensive sanctions under U.S. law aren't allowed on Facebook.
You must be at least 18 years old to create a personal fundraiser.
When to create a nonprofit fundraiser
Create a nonprofit fundraiser when you want to raise money for charitable causes or organizations. Some examples include:
  • World Wildlife Fund
  • World Health Organization
  • The Red Cross
Before you start, check to make sure that you’re in a country where nonprofit fundraising is available.
Taxes and fees
Money raised for nonprofit organizations is paid out to the organization, not a specific person. We cover all processing fees so that 100% of donations made are paid to the organization.
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