What do the item conditions mean on Facebook Marketplace?

When you list an item for sale on Marketplace, you can choose the condition that best describes your item. If the condition is specified, buyers can see it on the listing.
New Brand new, never worn or used, undamaged item. Ideally in the original package (if original package isn't a plastic bag or handmade item).
Used (like new)Excellent condition, but has previously been worn or used. No signs of wear or defect.
Used (good)Minor signs of wear. Item is operational and works as intended.
Used (fair)Some signs of wear and tear or minor defects. Item is still usable as intended. Includes items from households with animals or smoking (example: potential hair, stains, or smell).
RefurbishedHas gone through a refurbishing process. Refurbishing processes usually include inspecting the product, replacing any parts that don't work, cleaning and repackaging.
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